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Free To Air (FTA) Satellite Products
We are the Free To Air Satellite Experts
Watch Hundreds of TV channels in Digital format from all over the world!
"Open your Mind to learn about other Cultures & Languages from All over the Globe"

 Watch English, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Persian, Hungarian, Turkish, Polish, Russian, Cambodian, Kurdish, Armenian, Dutch, Romanian, Albanian, French, Croatian, etc. TV & Radio Channels for Free!

We Bring The World Into Your Living Room via Free to Air (FTA) Signals. This Means no Monthly Fees Ever! WE ONLY SHIP WITHIN CONTINENTAL USA

ARE YOU TIRED OF PAYING HIGH MONTHLY FEES FOR WATCHING TELEVISION? Our Complete Satellite System which consists of a high grade 30" Dish, a High Quality LNB, and the best HD Receiver on the market Will Allow Viewers in the United States to watch Free To Air Television & Radio Signals in Clear Digital format from countries in all 4 continents of Asia, Europe, Africa & America. You just pay for the equipment, and after installation you will not have to pay any monthly fees.

 FTA Receivers & LNBs:

  Complete FTA Systems:
 Read the FAQ page for answers to your questions
about FTA channels.


Standard Dual Ku band 0.3dB or better LNBF


Standard Dual Ku band 0.3dB or better LNBF 



Standard Single Ku band 0.3dB or better LNBF 



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Installation available in Southern California from $150.00








         30 inch (75cm) dish

         Standard DUAL Ku band 0.3dB or better LNBF 


State of the art SAMSONIC HD BS-8500 Receiver Alone


30" (75 cm) Dish

     $109.00 (Includes Shipping)

Our State of the art Complete Satellite System is very easy to set up and program. Using this system, you will be able to watch all of the Free To Air channels viewable in the United States.

Return Policy - If within 30 days after purchase, you are unsatisfied with the Receiver, you can return the product in the same condition that you received it, and you will only loose the cost of shipping and handling plus $50.00 restocking fee. 
No returns are accepted for the 30" Dish & the LNB.  

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