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Free To Air (FTA) Satellite Company

  In addition to the channels listed below there are many other Asian channels in the following languages: Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Tagalog (Philipines), Cambodian, Hindi, Punjabi, etc.
For a complete list, please look at Galaxy 25 Satellite Channel List.

MSTV (Taiwanese)


Free to Air

Macroview Satellite TV (MSTV) features an assortment of Chinese language programming 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. MSTV's programming originates directly from Taiwan and includes daily news, financial report, educational and cultural programs, newsmagazines, dramas, variety, and children's shows. MSTV also provides its viewers with specialty programs dedicated solely to the Chinese communities living worldwide. MSTV's programming is currently on a six -hour live feed with rebroadcasts four times daily. Available on Galaxy 25 at 97.0° W

NATV (Taiwanese)


Free To Air

North American Television (NATV) is the leading Chinese language television network in North America, broadcasting 24 hours a day. NATV delivers a wide array of news and entertainment programming - in Mandarin, Taiwanese, and Cantonese to the vast Chinese speaking population nationwide. NATV offers a comprehensive schedule lineup for the entire family with quality programming, including Taiwan stock market analysis, realtime news, call-in forums, talk shows, blockbuster movies, dramas, musical programs, women's programs, specialty programs, religious programs, English learning programs, and more. Available on Galaxy 25 at 97.0° W

CCTV4 (Chinese)


Subscription on SatMex 5
Free to Air on Galaxy 25
Free to Air on Galaxy 3R

CCTV International, a combination of CCTV-4 (Chinese) and CCTV-9 (English), is a satellite channel serving Chinese citizens living overseas, foreign nationals of Chinese origin, and Chinese living in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan as well as foreign viewers who are interested in China. CCTV-4 programs focused on news and current affairs. It also features economics, entertainment, sports, and children's programs, movies, TV dramas and documentaries. Broadcast in Mandarin, Cantonese and English. . Available on Galaxy 3R (analog) at 95° W, on SatMex 5 at 116.8° W, and on Galaxy 25 at 97.0° W.

Tzu Chi TV (Chinese)

Tzu Chi TV

Free to Air


In the Chinese language, "Tzu" means Compassion and "Chi" means Relief.Tzu Chi Foundation" is an international charitable organization founded by Dharma Master Cheng Yen in Taiwan in 1966. Their purpose is to offer care and assistance to the needy regardless of race, gender, religion or nationality. Tzu Chi's operations have extended to North and South America, Asia, Europe, Africa and Australia. Currently, there are 5 million members around the world. A heart filled with kindness, compassion, joy and unselfish giving inspires the ideals of Tzu Chi. For over three decades their organization has concentrated their missions in Charity, Medicine, Education, and Culture. In the last few years, Tzu Chi has expanded their activities to include bone marrow donation, international relief, enviromental conservation, and community service. Available on SatMex 5 at 116.8° W and on Galaxy 25 at 97.0° W.

KCTS (Korean)
Korean Christian TV


Free to Air

Hangyere Broadcasting Satellite Inc. (HBS) is a 24-hour, Korean-language programming; the available channel features Christian religion programming produced in Korea. Christian music, dramas, movies, and live sermons are among the inspirational programs available on HBS for the Korean Christian faith community. In addition, HBS offers English language subtitling on most of its programming. Available on Galaxy 25 at 97.0° W

KBT/MBC World TV (Korea)


Free to Air

KBT/MBC World TV offers a variety of Korean-language programming available 24 hours a day. Headquarters in Korea, the channel delivers the most up-to-date and reliable information about Korea and Korean lifestyles and is dedicated to broadcasting world news as it happens. KBT/MBC World TV's programming lineup also includes documentaries and cultural programs, live news reports from Korea, dramas, family entertainment, children's programs, musical shows, sports, and locally produced programs. Available on Galaxy 25 at 97.0° W

Thai TV (Thailand)

Thai TV

Free to Air

Thai TV Broadcasting goes to over 158 countries around the world. It is fully digital and one of the best in Asia and is also among the best 5 in the World . Thai TV Global Network is the neutral media for Thai people living abroad and is the central community for Thais in every part in the world. Thai TV's programming lineup includes an abundant selection of enjoyable family entertainment, informative daily news reports from Thailand including live interviews, cultural programs, comedy, newsmagazines, engaging drama, movies, talk shows, cooking, music videos, and educational programming for children of all ages. Available on Galaxy 25 at 97.0° W

VTV4 (Vietnam)

VTV4 Vietnam TV

Free to Air

VTV4, the Vietnam Satellite Channel delivers a blend of Vietnamese language programming from Hanoi. It programming includes daily news in both English and Vietnamese, sports, music, popular movies, tourist attractions, educational, cultural programs and dramas. Available on Intelsat Americas 5 at 97.0° W

Maharishi Open University (India)

Maharishi Open University

Free to Air

Maharishi Channel International, a four-hour segment of the Maharishi Veda Vision of India, broadcasts daily on eight satellites. Their programs includes special celebrations of the Vedic Tradition, special events from the calendar of Maharishi University of Management in The Netherlands, inauguration of new programmes in Maharishi’s Vedic Science, and special monthly lectures by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Throughout each week, research scientists and educators appear on shows that verify the effectiveness of Maharishi’s Vedic Technologies of Consciousness for transforming life from turbulence and struggle to progress and peace. They present practical applications of Maharishi’s Vedic Science for all areas of society: government, politics, education, management, health, defense, architecture, and city planning. News is also reviewed that indicates signs of improved positive trends in society. Available on Galaxy 25 at 97.0° W

Taipei International Satellite TV (Taiwan)

Taipei International Satellite TV

Free to Air

Taipei International has been leading Asian Americans to a whole new vision of the future trend. Empowered by state-of-the-art satellite technology and a wide range of programs, the management and employees of Taipei International always make every effort to satisfy every customer's needs. Currently the Company broadcasts a variety of Chinese, Korean, and Iranian programs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to subscribers around the country. Japanese, Vietnamese, and Thai will soon become part of the Network. Taiwan's Three TV Networks: TTV, CTV, and CTS have been on this Network broadcasting daily update news, dramas, mini series, and best-rated entertainment shows to the vast Chinese market. Recently Taiwan BCC radio company joined them in providing live programs to Chinese audiences in North America. Available on Galaxy 25 at 97.0° W