1-     What are FTA channels?
FTA stands for “Free To Air”, and these are the Television & Radio signals broadcast with no scrambling from different satellites.  There are many channels from the
United States (Public Television channels, some local channels, and Religious channels such as TBN, Fashion Channel, Health channel, etc.) and many other countries of the world which are broadcast without scrambling and considered as FTA channels.

2-     I live in the continental United States of America.  What equipment do I need to be able to watch FTA channels?
You need at least a 30” dish (Diameter is 30”), a special LNB (this is the converter that is attached to the dish), and a state of the art DVB receiver.

3-     If I purchase your complete system, what do I get?
You will receive a 30” dish, a special LNB (Single LNB if you want to view only in one room, and DUAL if you want to watch in 2 rooms in your house), and a state of the art DVB receiver.

4-     Will I have to program my receiver before viewing FTA channels?
NO, the receiver will be delivered pre-programmed to watch FTA channels on Telstar 5 (Also called Intelsat Americas 5, or just Intelsat 5).  If you wish to watch channels from other satellites, then you will have to select a different satellite from the list on the MENU of the receiver.  The password for getting into the MENU is 0000 all zeroes.

5-     Can I use my current satellite dish?
NO, unless if it’s 30” in diameter or more.  Even then you will have to change the LNB.

6-     Can I watch Pay per View, HBO, and other US pay channels?
NO, our system is purely FTA for the purpose of watching Free To Air unscrambled channels from satellites that carry these signals.  For paid channels viewing you must contact the companies that provide these services.

7-     My landlord does not allow me to install a dish on my roof, what can I do?
If you have a patio that is facing towards where the satellite is in the sky (you have to look at the calculator on our site in order to find the exact Azimuth & Elevation) then you can install it in your patio using a stand that you can purchase from any hardware store, or have a professional installer assist you with that.
If not, then you are out of luck.  The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) allows installation of dishes up to 40” in diameter, and landlords better have a good excuse for not allowing tenants to install dishes.

8-     Are there any monthly fees for watching FTA channels?  Will I be sent a bill?
NO, FTA means that you are watching signals that are free, therefore no monthly fees.  All you pay is for the equipment and then for the installation (you either install it yourself or have a professional installer do it for you).  We do not provide any installation services, except in
Southern California.

9-     How long will an FTA channel be FTA? Can they become scrambled in the future?
An FTA channel can become scrambled at any time, and there is no guarantee by this company that all the FTA channels will always be FTA.  Through the years there have always been many channels that come and go, but there are always many more FTA channels replacing them.  For example as of this writing there are more than 120 FTA channels on Telstar 5 satellite alone.

10- Do you ship your systems outside United States?

11- Can I return my system if I will not be happy with FTA channels?
NO.  Our system is among the most reliable on the market.  You have to do your research to see if FTA is what you are looking for or not. 

12- Who generally watches FTA channels?
Millions of viewers watch FTA channels all over the world.  In
United States the FTA viewers are: FTA hobbyists, average viewers who wish to see & learn about other cultures and languages, bilingual audiences who wish to watch many FTA channels in other languages such as Chinese, Persian, Vietnamese, Arabic, Polish, Russian, French, Romanian, Armenian, Kurdish, Thai, Turkish, Dutch, African languages, Indian, and many other languages.